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Unlimited users for customer-centricity


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Unlimited native integrations with all popular products


10+ ready-made success plans to get started


40+ plug and play KPIs for instant health track


50+ success playbooks for instant CS Ops automation

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Startup Plan

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$500/ month

For startups with upto 100 customers

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  • tick-greenUpto 100 Customers (upto 300 users)
  • tick-greenUnlimited users in your organization
  • tick-greenUpto 10 product features / event tracked
  • tick-greenUnlimited app integration
  • tick-green90 days' data retention
  • tick-green1 day onboarding

Growth Plan

Time to Scale

$2000/ month

For businesses with more than 100 customers

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  • tick-greenUnlimited customers and users
  • tick-greenUnlimited users in your organization
  • tick-greenUnlimited product features / event tracked
  • tick-greenUnlimited app integration
  • tick-greenUnlimited data retention
  • tick-green1 day onboarding

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Customer Information

No of Customers

Upto 100Unlimited

Pre-built Customer Health Score KPIs


Add custom health KPIs

Automated Customer Monitoring

Customer Segments

(Pre-built, customizable customer segmentation)


Product Engagement

(Full-stack support for pages visited, time spent and features adopted)

Product Feature Usage Tracking

(Drag and drop pins on your product to track feature adoption)

10 features/events trackedUnlimited

Product Outcome Tracking via ZapScale APIs + Concierge Service

(ZapScale CS team works with you to build your product outcome KPIs via API-driven data ingestion)

Historical Trends of Customer Data

(You can lookback to any day/week/month/quarter/year in the past to see the customer data snapshot at that time)

Historical Data Retention

90 daysInfinite

Health calculations for the number of Users of your Customers

(Pre-built KPI driven world's deepest user health)

upto 500 users of your customers can be trackedUnlimited

Multi-tiered Customer Data Hierarchy

(Group -> Organization -> Location -> Product etc.)

Add custom fields


Health Trend Analytics

(Health aggregated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Trends available at all these time slices)

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

Business Growth Trends

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Seamless Integration & Data Management

ZapScale offers seamless integration and hassle-free data management, so you can get your systems working together like peanut butter and jelly. With everything in one place, you'll be able to make smarter decisions and keep your customers happy.


Advance Data Security & Privacy

When it comes to keeping your stuff safe and sound, we’ve got your back! We take security and privacy seriously. ZapScale is SOC-2 Type II certified and VAPT compliant. You can trust us to keep your data under lock and key.


24 x 7 Help & Support

We're all about being there for you whenever you need us. That's why we offer 24/7 help and support - so you can get the answers you need, whenever you need them. Our team of experts is always here to help you and your customers succeed.

Trusted by many

Bhanu Pratap

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale allows complete visibility on the customers' portfolio by collating product usage and other information from external systems. Easy to set-up playbooks help the CSMs to structure and prioritise key CS tasks.


Gaurav Sabharwal

Co-Founder, CEO


ZapScale addresses our most important customer success needs. The solution is extremely intuitive, lightning fast to adopt and adds tremendous customer visibility.


Simarjeet Singh

Software Test Engineer


With ZapScale, I have the flexibility to tailor my dashboard according to different customer segments. This feature is truly remarkable. I can make my customer engagements more targeted and personalized which helps to enhance the overall customer experience.


Sajal Mishra

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale empowers our organization with a centralized repository of customer data and essential analytics, leading to heightened operational efficiency. ZapScale makes our lives easier.


Sreeram Raj

Customer Success Manager

WeGoT Utility Solutions

ZapScale saves me a lot of time by consolidating all the customer data in one place and sharing it in a format that allows me to take action effectively. As a result, I'm able to have a better hold over my customer portfolio.