Accurately Predict And Reduce Your Customer Churn Using Historical Data

Customer churn is the most common challenge for SaaS businesses. Did you know 1% reduction in churn an improve your revenue by 38% over 3 years?

How can ZapScale help?

Slash churn with impeccable customer health visibility and churn prediction



Find out which customers and users are unhappy

Unhappy customers are the first ones to churn. Get customer health data from day 1 with pre-built 40 KPI health score framework, powered with data analytics to know usage score, ticketing score, feature request score and more.



Catch your customers before they fall - prevention is better

Identify customer churn threats and upsell opportunities with ZapScale’s AI model. Know which customers are likely to churn so you can give them extra TLC. Plus, accurately forecast your business revenue.



Find out churn and retention trends over time

Monitor your churn and upsell trends over weeks, months and quarters. Identify macro and micro trends in your product and overall business.



NRR, GRR, MRR at your fingertips

Track your monthly, quarterly and yearly Net Retention Rate and Growth Retention Rate all the time. Make your business customer-focussed by aligning around a single centralised command centre.

Turn your Customer Success from reactive to proactive with ZapScale

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Bhanu Pratap

Customer Success Manager

ZapScale allows complete visibility on the customers' portfolio by collating product usage and other information from external systems. Easy to set-up playbooks help the CSMs to structure and prioritise key CS tasks.

Gaurav Sabharwal

Co-Founder, CEO

We partnered with ZapScale as it is built by ex SaaS founders and addresses the most important Customer Success needs. The solution is extremely intuitive, lightning fast to adopt and adds tremendous customer visibility.

Simarjeet Singh

Customer Success Manager

ZapScale helps me to prioritize my daily activities as a Customer Success Manager. It is the first thing I log into when I start my day and the last thing I log out of when I finish. ZapScale has made my daily tasks easy to prioritize, manage and execute. A significantly important tool for any CSM.

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