Effectively Manage And Scale Customer Success Teams

Improve your CS team’s productivity, set up advanced metrics and automate ops in just one day

Struggling to ramp-up your customer success efforts?

Carlos heads the Customer Success function at a B2B SaaS company. As the acquisition of new customers is becoming increasingly challenging, his company has doubled on the importance of customer retention and upselling.

Carlos, facing this significant challenge, realises that his traditional approach to data visibility is hindering his output. His team and him are constantly under pressure to continually engage with customers to prevent churn.

In order to meet industry expectations of delivering a top-class customer experience and achieving desired business outcomes, Carlos understands the need to revamp his processes.

He must implement advanced metrics and adopt a tailored approach. Time is of the essence, and Carlos is determined to find a way to quickly implement these changes and get them up and running.

How can Carlos improve his team’s performance?

Carlos needs automation to scale his team’s Customer Success operations. It would help if he could standardise processes to ensure consistency across his team. Improved visibility of key metrics without having to individually reach out to each customer would be essential for growth. Additionally, a single view to see the performance of each CSM across the company would be a bonus.

How can ZapScale help?

Build consistent high-performing CS teams with automation



Standardise to scale CS operations

Create SOPs based on customer health, lifecycle events like QBRs, segments or risks, and opportunities. Streamline your ops with custom triggers. Auto-create & assign tasks, actions, messages, and emails.



Know your customers through and through

Get data from all primary customer touchpoints in a single view. Monitor customer and user health with ZapScale’s 40 pre-built KPIs to prioritize customers based on their needs and preference.



Monitor your performance over weeks, months & quarters

Analyse your product, health and team performance over chosen time frames. Track customer and user’s product adoption journey to find the challenges preemptively.



Avoid unexpected surprises from your customers

Make informed decisions based on accurate predictions of churn possiblities and upsell opportunities fuelled by ZapScale’s 40-dimension AI model.

Scale and manage your CS team with ease

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Bhanu Pratap

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale allows complete visibility on the customers' portfolio by collating product usage and other information from external systems. Easy to set-up playbooks help the CSMs to structure and prioritise key CS tasks.


Gaurav Sabharwal

Co-Founder, CEO


ZapScale addresses our most important customer success needs. The solution is extremely intuitive, lightning fast to adopt and adds tremendous customer visibility.


Simarjeet Singh

Software Test Engineer


With ZapScale, I have the flexibility to tailor my dashboard according to different customer segments. This feature is truly remarkable. I can make my customer engagements more targeted and personalized which helps to enhance the overall customer experience.


Sajal Mishra

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale empowers our organization with a centralized repository of customer data and essential analytics, leading to heightened operational efficiency. ZapScale makes our lives easier.


Sreeram Raj

Customer Success Manager

WeGoT Utility Solutions

ZapScale saves me a lot of time by consolidating all the customer data in one place and sharing it in a format that allows me to take action effectively. As a result, I'm able to have a better hold over my customer portfolio.


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