Get Deeper Insights Into Your Customers And Users Through Behavioural Data

Did you know companies with a strong customer focus are 60% more likely to be profitable?
(Source: Bain & Company)

How can ZapScale help?

Improve customer visibility with 150 data-points from 6 data sources in a snap!



All customer data in one place

Get deep visibility of your customer with integrated data through all customer touch points. Ranging from product usage to ticketing, feature requests, communications and invoicing.



Segment your customers your way - compare like for like

Slice and dice your customers’ data how you’d like to see it - based on ARR, lifecycle stage, engagement strategy and many more, allowing you to compare the right cohorts!



Get key customer metrics from day 1 - no setup needed

View customer health data on the first day of ZapScale with a pre-configured health score framework of 40 KPIs. No long drawn setup times.



Find out if your customers are getting value

Tag individual features or product use-cases with a no-code DIY tracker for customer segments and easily understand your product adoption and time to value.

Turn your Customer Success from reactive to proactive with ZapScale

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Bhanu Pratap

Customer Success Manager

ZapScale allows complete visibility on the customers' portfolio by collating product usage and other information from external systems. Easy to set-up playbooks help the CSMs to structure and prioritise key CS tasks.

Gaurav Sabharwal

Co-Founder, CEO

We partnered with ZapScale as it is built by ex SaaS founders and addresses the most important Customer Success needs. The solution is extremely intuitive, lightning fast to adopt and adds tremendous customer visibility.

Simarjeet Singh

Customer Success Manager

ZapScale helps me to prioritize my daily activities as a Customer Success Manager. It is the first thing I log into when I start my day and the last thing I log out of when I finish. ZapScale has made my daily tasks easy to prioritize, manage and execute. A significantly important tool for any CSM.

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