Track Your Most Important Metrics To Drive Growth With Loyalty

Gone are the days of growth at all costs, improve your Net Revenue Retention Rate to stay relevant

Growth vs Loyalty, do you struggle with finding a balance?

Raghav started his B2B SaaS business 2 years ago. He raised VC money and after a year of incubation and building the product, he launched it to the market.

The initial few customers were a breeze for Raghav. He was hands-on. And in a quest for growth he spent extensively on marketing and acquiring more customers, quicker.

However, when the time came for renewals, Raghav noticed a dip in customers renewing. His investors started to question the product and the low retention rate. So busy with acquisition, Raghav had lost sight of his current customers.

He had not seen this coming.

How can Raghav improve his company’s NRR?

It would help if Raghav had key business metrics (NRR, GRR, Churn Rate) easily available for him to see, regularly. It would also help if he could look at health and revenue trends to forecast better. Additionally, if he could get a consolidated feedback of the product he could also plan the product roadmap better.

How can ZapScale help?

Slash churn with impeccable customer health visibility and churn prediction



NRR, GRR, MRR at your fingertips

Track all key metrics of retention, churn and growth in real-time, all the time. Make your business customer-focused by aligning around a single centralized command center.



Keep an eye on the future of your business

Identify customer churn threats and upsell opportunities with ZapScale’s 40-dimension AI model. Accurately forecast your business revenue.



Find out how your business moves across days, months and weeks

Monitor how your business and product performs over time. Analyse product adoption and feature usage trends. Identify challenges and wins.

Improve your Net Revenue Retention with ZapScale

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Bhanu Pratap

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale allows complete visibility on the customers' portfolio by collating product usage and other information from external systems. Easy to set-up playbooks help the CSMs to structure and prioritise key CS tasks.


Gaurav Sabharwal

Co-Founder, CEO


ZapScale addresses our most important customer success needs. The solution is extremely intuitive, lightning fast to adopt and adds tremendous customer visibility.


Simarjeet Singh

Software Test Engineer


With ZapScale, I have the flexibility to tailor my dashboard according to different customer segments. This feature is truly remarkable. I can make my customer engagements more targeted and personalized which helps to enhance the overall customer experience.


Sajal Mishra

Customer Success Manager


ZapScale empowers our organization with a centralized repository of customer data and essential analytics, leading to heightened operational efficiency. ZapScale makes our lives easier.


Sreeram Raj

Customer Success Manager

WeGoT Utility Solutions

ZapScale saves me a lot of time by consolidating all the customer data in one place and sharing it in a format that allows me to take action effectively. As a result, I'm able to have a better hold over my customer portfolio.


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