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ZapScale vs. Vitally: How to select the right tool for your CS team

Founded in 2017, Vitally is a great tool for customer success teams to maximize productivity for customer success teams. However, TrustRaius suggests that users have faced some challenges in using Vitally’s customer success software. Let’s take a look at them. Source.

  1. Design

    While Vitally offers a range of features, user reviews highlight areas for improvement. Some users suggest the note section could be expanded for better organization, and the dashboard layout with filters could be more intuitive to allow for easier customization and view saving. Additionally, there's an opportunity to refine the interface terminology for enhanced clarity, potentially reducing user confusion.

    How can ZapScale solve this problem?

    ZapScale is designed with deep understanding, born from extensive research alongside SaaS founders and CS teams. This dedication to user experience (UX) translates into an intuitive interface (UI) that prioritizes ease of use, which is why G2 has awareded ZapScale with the “Easiest to use” badge for 2 consecutive seasons. ZapScale is the simplest customer success software on the market. Want to know more about ZapScale, click here.

  2. Consolidated dashboard

    While Vitally product offers various functionalities, user feedback suggests room for streamlining information flow. Many users requested a consolidated feed displaying activities, completed tasks, emails, health data, notes, playbook updates, and project changes. Having to access each item individually is seen as cumbersome. Furthermore, requests for more granular role-based access control, improved analytics, and better contact and conversation management capabilities highlight areas for potential improvement.

    How can ZapScale solve this problem?

    With ZapScale, you can gain real-time insights into your business health with its customizable dashboard. You can unify all your critical metrics – business-related, customer-centric, tasks, and actionable insights – in one central location. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions and optimize performance.

    ZapScale prioritizes customer success with its centralized command center. You can track key metrics like Net Revenue Retention (NRR), churn rate, product usage, and feature adoption to identify potential gaps and opportunities. This proactive approach ensures your customers have a seamless experience and maximizes their value from your product.

Customer Reviews: ZapScale vs Vitally

Customer feedback is crucial when selecting a customer success software that aligns with your business needs. Popular platforms like G2 offer valuable insights from real users. While both Vitally and ZapScale boast positive reviews, ZapScale stands out with the highest customer rating in this category.

General Ratings

G2 user reviews consistently praise ZapScale for its intuitive design and unmatched ease of use. The user-friendly interface empowers even new users to navigate the platform with ease. Furthermore, ZapScale boasts a remarkably swift implementation process, getting you up and running in just one day. This translates to faster time-to-value and a seamless user experience for your entire team.

ZapScale Vitally
Meets Requirements9.28.8
Ease of Use9.58.6
Ease of Setup8.98.4
Ease of Admin8.58.9
Quality of Support9.89.0
Ease of Doing Business9.39.2
Product Direction (%)10.08.9

Customer Information

ZapScale's pre-built health score framework, powered by 40 health KPIs, offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customer base. This data-driven approach allows you to proactively identify potential issues early and address them.

Furthermore, ZapScale empowers personalized engagement. You can easily segment your customers and leverage dynamic, customizable playbooks to tailor your outreach and maximize customer success.

ZapScale Vitally
Customer Health Scores9.28.8
Customer Monitoring9.38.9
Customer Profiles8.88.7
Customer Segments8.88.6
Product Engagement8.88.6


SaaS businesses can leverage ZapScale's innovative AI model to gain a competitive edge. ZapScale analyzes over 40 customer health dimensions, enabling proactive identification of potential churn risks. By anticipating customer needs and addressing challenges before they arise, businesses can significantly reduce churn rates. Additionally, ZapScale unlocks upsell opportunities by highlighting high-value customer segments. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to optimize their customer success strategy and maximize sustainable revenue growth.

ZapScale Vitally
Churn Risks9.88.1
Upsell Opportunities9.17.7
Custom Triggers9.28.7
Machine Learning8.57.1


Customer success professionals consistently rank ZapScale highly on G2. These positive reviews highlight ZapScale's ability to effectively meet business needs and deliver exceptional ongoing product support. Furthermore, users express a strong preference for ZapScale's development direction, feature updates, and product roadmap compared to Vitally.

ZapScale Vitally
Reporting & Dashboards9.08.1
API & Integrations9.38.6
Data Imports & Export Tools9.08.3
Workflow Capability9.28.4
Data Security9.49.1
Performance & Reliability9.59.0
User, Role & Access9.48.8

ZapScale’s Different

We’re the easiest customer success platform out there. Here are 8 compelling reasons why:
Seamlessly integrate your apps with ZapScale's intuitive integration wizard. No need for specialized consultants or extra expenses.
Monitor customer health effortlessly with ZapScale's 40 pre-built KPIs. Integrate data from multiple apps and start tracking within a day, saving you valuable setup time.
Accurately predict churn and upsell using ZapScale’s unmatched AI capabilities, giving you valuable insights from the get-go. Get a comprehensive view of your customers and users for unparalleled insights.
Onboard in just 1 day with our dedicated onboarding team. Our team offers dedicated support for six weeks to help you make the most of our platform.
Streamline CS operations with 50 pre-built playbooks and customizable success plans, tailored to meet your unique requirements
Navigate easily with a thoughtfully designed, highly intuitive UI to make your job as simple as possible.
Unlimited user access within your organization without any hidden charges. ZapScale prioritizes transparency and affordability.

ZapScale vs Vitally Features Comparison*

Detail Feature List ZapScaleVitally
Customer Information

Customer Profiles

Pre-built, customizable customer profiles

Customer Health Scores

40 pre-built KPI driven world's deepest customer healthManual. Rule based. Imperfect

Customer Monitoring

Customer Segments

Pre-built, customizable customer segmentation

Product Engagement

Full-stack support for pages visited, time spent and features adopted

Product Feature Usage Tracking

Drag and drop pins on your product to track feature adoption

Product Outcome Tracking

API-driven data ingestion of product outcomes that become health KPIs and churn predictors using AI

Historical Trends of Customer Data

You can lookback to any day/week/month/quarter/year in the past to see the customer data snapshot at that time

Historical Data Retention

InfiniteDepends on your package

User Health Scores

10 pre built KPI driven world's deepest user health

Multi-tiered Customer Data Hierarchy

(Group -> Organization -> Location -> Product etc.)

Supports any depth of customer-level data hierarchy

Add custom fields


Health Trend Analytics

Health aggregated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Trends available at all these time slicesOnly point in time data visibility

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

Business Growth Trends

*This research was collated from a variety of authoritative sources. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at

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