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8 Tips for Mastering Renewal And Pricing Conversations With Your Customer

31 March, 2024 3 min read
8 Tips for Mastering Renewal And Pricing Conversations With Your Customer

In the world of customer success, the ability to navigate renewal and pricing discussions is a pivotal factor influencing a company's growth trajectory. Recently, I had the privilege of engaging with some senior customer success professionals. Their invaluable insights shed light on effective strategies for championing renewal and pricing conversations.

In this article, we'll delve into their recommendations and real-world examples from prominent brands.

1. Initiating Renewal Conversations

Most of them emphasized the importance of proactively initiating renewal discussions, ideally before a customer is 90 days away from their contract end date. To achieve this, they recommended breaking down the renewal journey into categories and utilizing surveys to gather tactical information about budgeting seasons and decision-makers involved in the process.

Automating the survey process enables companies to gather proactive data, allowing them to tailor tasks around customers' calendars instead of internal timelines.

HubSpot, a leading marketing and sales platform, utilizes proactive surveys to gauge customer needs and preferences, ensuring timely and informed renewal discussions.

2. Empowering CSMs for Pricing Discussions

They highlighted the significance of empowering Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to engage in conversations about pricing adjustments and contract terms. The key lies in understanding the flexibility within the organization, establishing thresholds for discounts, and providing CSMs with the authority to make decisions within specified limits.

By leveraging levers beyond pricing, organizations can scale more effectively and empower their teams to make decisions that align with customer needs.

Salesforce, a global CRM leader, empowers its CSMs to make informed decisions within predefined parameters, ensuring a streamlined and empowered approach to pricing discussions.

3. Beyond ROI in Renewal Conversations

When it comes to discussing benefits beyond Return on Investment (ROI), they stressed the importance of empathy. While ROI remains a crucial aspect, they advised against presenting it as the central story unless the customer specifically requests it.

They suggested exploring other perspectives, such as cost avoidance and reduction, aligning the conversation with what the customer values. The goal is to understand how the customer calculates ROI and focus on defining value in a way that resonates with them.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) tailors renewal conversations to align with customers' unique perspectives on value, going beyond a one-size-fits-all ROI approach.

4. Strategies for Communicating Price Increases

Anticipating pushback from customers during price increases, they recommend providing proactive enablement to Customer Success Teams. This includes offering talking points about the reasons behind the price increase and the value it brings.

Understanding that customers may perceive it as a self-serving move, they advised organizations to set a higher bar for justifying the renewal and expect objections from every customer. This proactive approach can lead to more closed-won opportunities.

Microsoft employs a transparent communication strategy when communicating price increases, emphasizing the enhanced features and support that accompany the adjustment.

5. Incentivizing Early Renewals

Offering incentives for early renewals is a tactic most of our experts strongly support. Depending on the company's financial position, incentivizing customers to sign early or commit to a long-term contract can streamline renewal conversations.

Timing is crucial, and they recommended presenting offers well before customers enter their budgeting cycles for maximum impact.

Adobe encourages early renewals by providing exclusive discounts and additional features for customers committing to extended partnerships ahead of schedule.

6. Gathering Customer Information for Renewals

Regarding gathering information about a customer's operations and goals, they suggested enabling the main point of contact (POC) rather than creating additional touchpoints within the organization. Providing playbooks and important questions can help the POC navigate internal conversations, ensuring a smooth renewal process.

Slack facilitates streamlined renewal conversations by equipping main POCs with comprehensive playbooks and guidance for effective internal discussions.

7. Pricing and Payment Options

When considering pricing and payment options, they advised aligning terms with the total contract value and annual cost. Scaling costs based on expected growth and offering flexible payment terms are essential considerations. Additionally, respecting customers' preferences regarding auto-renewal clauses fosters a partnership-oriented approach.

Zoom Video Communications provides flexibility in payment terms, aligning with customers' budget cycles and cash flow preferences.

8. Role of QBRs in Renewals

The experts affirm the importance of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) in the renewal process. By incorporating strategic conversations about customers' financial concerns and objectives, businesses can align their offerings with customer priorities. However, they emphasized the need to tailor discussions based on individual customer needs, cautioning against oversimplified approaches.

Shopify conducts personalized QBRs, delving into each customer's unique goals and challenges, ensuring a tailored approach to the renewal process.


Mastering customer renewal and pricing conversations demands a strategic blend of proactive engagement, empathy, and flexibility. The insights from these customer success experts provide a comprehensive roadmap for businesses aiming to enhance their approach in this critical aspect. By prioritizing early engagement, empowering teams, and understanding customer perspectives, organizations can navigate the complexities of renewals with confidence and success, drawing inspiration from the real-world strategies employed by industry leaders.


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