India's Largest Customer Success Meetup in Bengaluru Draws 150+ Participants

21 June, 2023 3 min read
India's Largest Customer Success Meetup in Bengaluru Draws 150+ Participants

The evening of 17th June 2023 marked an unparalleled gathering of over 150 customer success professionals and start-up founders in Bengaluru. The event ‘Customer Success for Start-ups’ organized by ZapScale, and Ankit Aggarwal proved to be an immense success and an incredibly insightful session for the Indian customer success community.

Right from the captivating ice-breaking session to the enlightening keynote address, the thought-provoking panel discussion, the insightful session on churn prediction using AI, and the invaluable networking opportunities, ‘The CS Mentor Meet Up’ event was a vibrant celebration of the pivotal role that customer success plays in the SaaS start-up ecosystem.

The Ice-Breaking Session

To set the stage for an enriching evening, Ankit Aggarwal, one of the top CS professionals from India, kicked off the event with a captivating ice-breaking session in which the attendees got a chance to answer interesting customer success-related questions written on the cards placed on their tables.

Attendees engaging in the ice breaking session during a customer success event in Bengaluru
Attendees engaging in the ice breaking session during the event

Participants from diverse backgrounds and representing a wide range of companies engaged in dynamic conversations, exchanging experiences, challenges, and triumphs within the realm of customer success – ultimately fostering a sense of community among the attendees.

Keynote Address by Amitt Sharma

Amit Sharma, a visionary leader, and the Chief Customer Officer at GoKwik, took the stage as the keynote speaker. Drawing from his extensive experience of over 12 years in customer success and delivery, Amitt delved into the intricacies of building strong customer relationships and ensuring their success in a start-up environment.

Man with mic in hand delivering keynote speech at a customer success event
Amitt Sharma delivering the Keynote Speech

Amitt shared valuable insights on the changing customer success landscape and how the GTM strategy for B2B SaaS businesses has evolved over time.

Panel Discussion: A conversation with seasoned experts

Following the keynote address, the event featured a highly anticipated panel discussion.

The panel comprised esteemed experts in the field of customer success, including

Rupesh Rao, Founder, and CEO of CogniSaaS,
Mausmi Ambastha, Co-founder of ZapScale,
Suhesh Haridas, Global Director of Customer Success at AppViewX, and
Ankit Aggarwal, Lead of Customer Success Enablement at MoEngage.

Panelists at a customer success event delivering speech
(From Left to Right) Suhesh Haridas, Rupesh Rao, Mausmi Ambastha, and Ankit Aggarwal

Together, the panelists shared their invaluable experiences, perspectives, and best practices for overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities for customer success. They discussed how aligning business metrics with customer success is vital for companies to effectively measure, improve, and optimize their customer success efforts.

Discussion on Customer Churn Prediction through Artificial Intelligence

During the event’s closing session, Manasij Ganguli, Co-Founder and CEO of ZapScale delivered a captivating presentation where he delved into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its remarkable potential in forecasting customer churn.

Man with mic in hand speaking on churn prediction using AI
Manasij hosting the session on Churn Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence

Manasij unraveled the multifaceted aspects of customer churn and artfully explored the intricate patterns inherent in customer behavior that serve as reliable indicators for predicting customer churn. He discussed how these tell-tale patterns can be effectively harnessed to anticipate and mitigate customer churn.

As the event drew to a close, the attendees had the opportunity to engage in a vibrant networking and high tea session. This allowed attendees to further interact and connect with like-minded customer success professionals and establish collaborative relationships.

People engaging in networking session in a Customer Success event in Bengaluru
Event attendees engaging in the networking session

‘The CS Mentor’ meet-up was an exceptional and transformative experience that gave the Indian Customer Success Community a chance to get together and discuss all things customer success.

With comprehensive agenda - a compelling keynote discussion, an enlightening keynote discussion, and an interactive session on churn prediction – the event delivered unparalleled value to all participants.

In case you missed out on this event, don’t worry! There’s another exciting gathering just around the corner. On July 22nd, ZapScale is organizing a remarkable event in Bengaluru that delves into the digital aspects of customer success. Don’t miss your chance this time and secure your spot before it’s too late!

Join us today, we’ll be happy to host you 👉


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