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What is a Customer Success Software? A B2B SaaS Guide

16 November, 2022 3 min read
What is a Customer Success Software? A B2B SaaS Guide

When we talk of the SaaS industry, a feature-packed tech infusion is a must for any business model at every stage of its lifecycle. It equips the team to function better by enhancing efficiency and outcomes. However, to make the best out of technology, a business must be comprehensively aware of its needs and the impact that tech brings to the current processes. One such robust tech today is Customer Success Software/Platforms that are helping businesses stay ahead of the curve in the SaaS world. Let’s quickly understand why you need a customer success platform and the benefits it reaps for the CS teams.

What is a Customer Success Platform?

A customer success platform is a comprehensive software solution designed to help businesses manage their customers, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately reduce churn. Customer success platforms consolidate various tools and features to provide a unified view of customer interactions, allowing businesses to better understand, engage, and support their customers throughout their lifecycle.

The purpose of a customer success department is to successfully onboard a customer, actively engage with them, improve product adoption, exhibit value-add to the customer, and ultimately convert customers into brand loyalists. There’s only one way to achieve these objectives; condense your energy into understanding your customers better.

How to understand your customers better to drive customer success?

When you’re a SaaS organization with multiple customers, there’s a ton of data coming through different customer touchpoints. Making sense of this data to drive efficient and proactive customer success can be a tedious task if done manually!

You can pivot to a customer success platform that helps you engage your customers with the tools and processes required to support them. It helps you build and nurture your relationship with your customers to make them confident when trying new products. The right customer success platform will provide you with analytics to understand what’s working and what’s not or if there are any shortcomings in your CS processes that need improvement.

ZapScale's customer success platform screen showing how it helps to gain deep visibility of customers for SaaS businesses

Key benefits of a customer success platform

Here are 4 primary benefits of using a Customer Success Platform

1. Visibility of customer data

A CSP helps you gain visibility over your customer’s data whenever the customer engages with your business or your product. To get this data, all it needs is a simple integration with your product, CRM, ticketing tool, feature request tool, emailing tool, and subscription tool. Without these insights, you hardly know what your customer wants and desires. Clear visibility of customer data also helps in predicting customer churn and taking informed measures to prevent it.

2. Proactive customer engagement

A CSM (Customer Success Manager) helps you identify customers’ needs an set-up procedures to meet those needs. With an effective CSP, you can proactively offer a relevant solution before the customer even realizes that there is a problem. For instance, if a CSM sees that a customer is taking more time (compared to other users) to finish a specific task on the product, they can arrange for training before your customer requests one. Proactive engagement goes a long way and has long-lasting benefits.

3. Improve customer retention

With data, you are proactively responding to your customer, which helps them use your product better and extract maximum value out of it. This leads to an excellent customer experience, which is crucial in a SaaS business as you require customers to regularly renew their subscription to your product for a prolonged period. As a result of improved customer retention, your business grows organically.

4. Identify upsell opportunities

With the help of product usage data, you can track which customers need to upgrade their subscriptions. It helps you expand your business with existing customers. For instance, if a user is mature to a point where they are using all the features of their current subscription, you can always suggest them to the advanced module of your product.

Clearly, customer success is an integral part of the customer experience. A growing SaaS business should invest in a customer success platform since tracking customers on an excel/google sheet, or any other tool which is not designed to keep customer success in mind, is not an efficient way to engage with your customer. Remember, there’s no alternative to happy customers for business growth.

At ZapScale, we aim to make Customer Success easy through our modern-age Customer Success Platform. ZapScale is a contemporary platform, designed to dive deeper into customer health dynamics and business performance like never before. If you’re curious to know more, feel free to book a demo with us. Cheers!


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