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Customer Training Completion Rate

8 June, 2024 1 min read

What Is Customer Training Completion Rate?

It measures the percentage of customers who finish a provided training program or course. Reflects the effectiveness of the training in engaging and educating customers.

A high rate indicates customers found the training valuable and engaging, while a low rate suggests potential improvements are needed.

How To Calculate Customer Training Completion Rate?


Customer Training Completion Rate = (No. of Customers Completing Training / No. of Customers Enrolled) * 100%

Track enrollment and completion data through your training platform or learning management system (LMS).

An Example Of Customer Training Completion Rate

A company enrolls 100 customers in a new product training program. 75 customers finish the entire program.

Customer Training Completion Rate = (75 / 100) * 100% = 75%

Insights On Customer Training Completion Rate

Understanding the completion rate helps you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your training content and delivery.
  • Identify areas for improvement, such as program length, difficulty, or engagement.
  • Understand the learning preferences of different customer segments.
  • Measure the impact of training on customer behavior and product usage

Additional Considerations for Customer Training Completion Rate

  • Analyze completion rates by segment (e.g., new vs. experienced users, different product lines) to identify specific needs.
  • Consider reasons for not completing the training through feedback surveys or exit interviews.
  • Compare your rate to industry benchmarks and set realistic goals for improvement.
  • Track post-training metrics like product usage, support tickets, and customer satisfaction to assess the broader impact of learning.
Note: A high customer training completion rate signifies engaged learners and potentially improved outcomes. By monitoring and optimizing your training programs, you can empower your customers, unlock their full potential, and strengthen their relationship with your brand.

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