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Feature Utilization Rate

8 June, 2024 1 min read

What Is Feature Utilization Rate?

The Feature Utilization Rate measures how often customers use specific features within your product.

It helps you understand which features are valuable, underutilized, or need improvement.

How To Calculate Feature Utilization Rate?

To calculate the Feature Utilization Rate, you divide the number of users who have used a specific feature by the total number of users of the product or service.

The Formula for Feature Utilization Rate:

(No. of users who utilized the feature / Total no. of users) x 100

An Example of Feature Utilization Rate

Let's consider a software application with a feature for generating reports.

Out of 500 users, 300 users have utilized this report generation feature.

Therefore, the Feature Utilization Rate for the report generation feature is calculated as follows:

Feature Utilization Rate = 300 / 500 = 0.6 or 60%

Insights About Feature Utilization Rate

Analyzing Feature Utilization Rate provides insights into which features are popular among users and which ones might require further promotion, improvement, or additional support.

It helps product teams prioritize development efforts and allocate resources effectively to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.

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