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How to Onboard on ZapScale in 1 day?

17 August, 2022 2 min read
How to Onboard on ZapScale in 1 day?

Onboarding into a Customer Success platform is supposed to be a painful affair. First, the Customer Success Managers (CSMs) have to integrate the product, the CRM, the ticketing app, the feature request app, the billing and subscription app, and the email and comms app.

After integrating the apps, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) must manually map all the customers across each app, which can be time-consuming.

For example, you might have a customer named "Bank of America" in your Customer Success Management (CRM) platform and "BoA" in your ticketing app. Once the mapping is complete, the CSM must create health Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using data from the integrated sources.

Furthermore, the CSM is responsible for developing playbooks for various common Customer Success operation scenarios and creating success plans to drive further CS operations. This extensive workload often results in onboarding processes for CS tools taking weeks or even months, sometimes lasting as long as six months.

However, with ZapScale, the onboarding experience is streamlined and can be completed in just one day. Here's how we make it possible:

Simplified Integrations: ZapScale's integrations are designed to be straightforward. You only need to provide the API keys for your various apps, and ZapScale takes care of the integration process. This eliminates the need for complex setup procedures and reduces integration time to as little as 30 minutes to an hour.

Automatic Customer Mapping: Once the apps are integrated, ZapScale automatically maps customers across different applications. Using built-in matchers like ID, unique ID, email, name, domain, location, and mobile number, ZapScale identifies common matching values. This ensures that customers with different representations, such as "Bank of America" in your CRM and "BoA" in your ticketing app, are correctly linked together. The mapping process is seamless and makes it incredibly easy for you.

Pre-built Health KPIs: ZapScale comes equipped with 40 pre-built health check Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs source data from your integrated product, CRM, ticketing app, feature request app, billing and subscription app, and email and comms app. Once the data sources are integrated, ZapScale instantly provides customer and user-level health insights. There's no additional setup time required to start leveraging this valuable information.

Pre-built Playbooks and Success Plans: To accelerate your Customer Success operations, ZapScale includes 60 pre-built playbooks for addressing common CS issues and 5 pre-built success plans. These resources are readily available to you, requiring no effort or time investment to get started without having to start from scratch.


ZapScale's pre-built functionalities and streamlined onboarding process make it the fastest Customer Success tool available. You can begin deriving value and insights from day one, without the lengthy setup typically associated with other platforms.

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Nikita Kalra

Nikita is the Head of Marketing for ZapScale with a love for startups. When not working, she likes to read and gets a particular joy out of game nights!

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