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Product Engagement Metrics

8 June, 2024 1 min read

What are Product Engagement Metrics?

Product engagement metrics track how customers interact with your product, including logins, sessions, active users, feature usage, and time spent.

They indicate if customers find your product valuable and engaging.

What To Track In Product Engagement Metrics


Count the number of times users punch in their digital ticket to your product.


Measure the frequency and intensity of individual user jam sessions within a specific timeframe.

Active Users

Spot the movers and shakers who've grooved with your product recently.

Feature Usage

Tune into which features are the crowd favorites, getting the most applause and encore requests.

Time Spent

Track how long users linger in the front row, soaking up the sounds and sights of your product's performance.

Insights About Product Engagement Metrics

  • Assess overall product engagement and user stickiness.
  • Identify user segments with low engagement and target them with initiatives.
  • Pinpoint areas of the product that users find most engaging.

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