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What makes a Customer Success Manager?

30 October, 2022 3 min read
What makes a Customer Success Manager?

Customer Success can be defined as a method to assist your customers to use your product successfully and efficiently to gain value from it. As a result, customers are satisfied and engaged, keeping them in the business for a prolonged span.

What does customer success look like?

  • A rise in the number of people using your product or service
  • A decrease in the number of customers asking for refunds or churning out
  • A significant increase in customer satisfaction + revenue

Customer Success involves three principles

  • Identify your customers’ needs and wants
  • Set up procedures to meet those needs and wants
  • Measure performance against expectations

To work effectively work on these 3 principles and live up to your customer success checklist, you need an impactful Customer Success Manager.

To comprehend the role, here is a list of critical tasks highlighted, along with the skill set that is necessary to become a competent CSM.

Key skill set required for a Customer Success Manager:

  • A successful CSM should be able to articulate the value of the product and inspire the customer about your product and company
  • The customer success manager decides how your product can be used effectively to support the fulfillment of a customer’s strategic business goals., hence they should have the qualities of a trusted advisor
  • They should possess strong application functional expertise, expertise in business application deployment cycles, as well as strong account management expertise
  • They should be capable of building and sustaining relationships as they are required to maintain strong working relationships with other customer-facing personnel in the Sales, Services, Marketing, and Product Management teams. Also, building and maintaining strong relationships with multiple contacts within the assigned customers including executive roles.
  • They will need to build authority within the organization since they serve as an escalation point for issues that impacts the customer’s success
  • Since they will be responsible for promoting uptake and license utilization across their customer base, they must also possess the ability to run a business
  • A CSM has to be actively involved in renewals management and is responsible for ensuring renewals are successfully completed. Therefore, they will need excellent negotiation skills

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop a strategic relationship with customer executive sponsors such that all activities are closely aligned with the customer’s business case and business strategy
  • Establish and manage the customer’s adoption, training & development of best practices to recurrently steer incremental value and return on the customer’s investment
  • Develop and put into action success plans to make sure every account renews
  • To ensure that development is attained, identify and develop opportunities and work together with sales teams
  • Recognize the needs of the customer, the level of product/service acceptance, and the company structure
  • Disseminate application and vertical best practices
  • Serve as a coach and reliable advisor to customers

In a nutshell, customer success managers are an integral part of the customer journey, right from customer acquisition to smooth onboarding, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building strategies for customer retention. Thus, there’s no alternative for the right skill set for their role.


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