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How can customer visibility shape your customer engagement?

14 February, 2023 4 min read
How can customer visibility shape your customer engagement?

Do you use Google Maps? 📍 Perhaps yes. And why?
Most likely to obtain prompt, precise directions to a particular location.

Google maps help you navigate by gathering real-time traffic information to find the best route to your destination. It also gives you alerts and updates to get a better and faster path. The key enabler here is the 'Visibility' Google Maps provides you with.

Similarly, to pilot each customer to the desired destination (i.e., delivering maximum from your product), you need visibility to take the optimal course of action and ensure a successful customer journey.

Customer visibility is a vital aspect of customer engagement that exhibits the layers to which a business has access to customer data and behavioral patterns. In today's digital age, customers anticipate personalized experiences and seamless interactions with the brands they engage with. To achieve this, businesses must clearly understand customers at every touch point.

Customer Visibility - The Foundation of CS Ops

Having clear visibility of customers enables you to precisely identify customer issues and hence deliver more pointed and accurate solutions. This approach helps you drive proactive customer success and lets you reach your customers first, instead of them asking you for a solution. Additionally, visibility over customer data lets you create proactive, more targeted campaigns, to give a personalized touch to customer engagement.

Ultimately you’re able to guide your customers through the shortest path to success, ensuring a faster time to value.

You can establish a successful customer journey by developing the appropriate engagement strategy, which would lead to:

✅ A reduction in churn rate
✅ Increase in upsell and cross-sell opportunities
✅ Improvement in customer experience

How do you gain customer visibility?

Traditionally, Customer Success or Account Management teams have tracked various metrics using Excel and spreadsheets, but there are several issues with this method:

⚠️ It needs excessive manual effort (effort in creating frequent analysis)

⚠️ It isn't real-time (collecting data from various sources takes time)

⚠️ It lacks comprehensiveness (tracking primary data points from all customer touchpoints)

⚠️ It is susceptible to data loss (Excel may crash, have file corruption, or accidental deletion)

⚠️ Data inconsistency is a possibility (due to data formatting or incorrect formulas)

These are only a handful, but when you manage your CS operations on an Excel sheet, many more issues may arise. The best approach to simplify the process would be to use a Customer Success Platform, similar to how sales today use a CRM to function effectively.

Let's examine the features and benefits that a customer success platform can offer. Here, I am sharing the benefits that ZapScale offers in terms of giving you complete customer visibility, in just 3 simple steps!

Customer 360° View – Complete Visibility

Step 1:
Integrate ZapScale with your product and other customer interaction applications like the CRM, ticketing data tool, email tool, payment tool, etc. ZapScale captures data from more than 150 data points across 6 different sources.

Step 2:
Once ZapScale is integrated with your OS, you will get a unified view of all your customer data. This will be the 360° customer view.

Step 3:
ZapScale will analyze this data through its algorithm and provide you with the deepest, most comprehensive customer health score.

A view of ZapScale's dashboard that gives a holistic view of your business, customer, and user health

With ZapScale's health score, you get a crystal-clear picture of your customers’ health, avoid surprise churns and identify upsell opportunities.

-       The health score is created based on 40 KPIs that are pre-built in ZapScale. If needed, you can also customize your KPIs for customer health groups based on the customer lifecycle journey, plan, location, ARR, etc.

-       Once you look at the data analytics, you can spot customer risks and opportunities and take pre-emptive actions to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

A view of ZapScale's customer list screen 

-       We all know that all customers are not the same and require different kinds of engagement at different stages. With ZapScale’s health score, you can make your customer engagements more precise, contextual, and purposeful. If you want to automate this process or need alerts, you can use our prebuilt playbooks or create your own playbooks for monitoring and engagement for each segment.

Check out ZapScale TODAY! Our 1-month FREE TRIAL is live. Get in touch and check your eligibility.

Final Thoughts

To build a strong relationship and a seamless experience for your customer, visibility is the first step. By engaging your customers at the right time, you ensure that customers are made aware of their importance and how they matter to you by understanding their unique challenges and objectives. At the end of the day, they should know you are invested in their progress and want to help them by delivering value. Most significantly, you are fostering an organization's customer-centric approach by increasing customer visibility.


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