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Customer Success Plan Completion Rate

8 July, 2024 1 min read

What Is Customer Success Completion Rate?

It measures the percentage of customers who complete their designated customer success plans.

These plans outline specific actions and milestones designed to help customers achieve desired outcomes and maximize value from your offering.

A high completion rate indicates effective plan design, clear value communication, and strong customer engagement, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value.

How To Calculate Customer Success Plan Completion Rate?


Customer Success Plan Completion Rate = (No. of Customers Completing Plans / Total no. of Customers with Plans) x 100%

An Example Of Customer Success Plan Completion Rate

You have 50 customers currently using customer success plans.

35 of them completed all the outlined actions and achieved their planned outcomes.

Customer Success Plan Completion Rate = (35 / 50) x 100% = 70%

Insights On Customer Success Plan Completion Rate

Understanding the completion rate helps you:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your customer success plans in driving desired outcomes.
  • Identify potential roadblocks or areas for improvement in the plan itself or your engagement strategies.
  • Compare performance across different types of customers, plans, or customer success managers.
  • Optimize plan design and resource allocation for maximum impact.

Additional Considerations For Customer Success Plan Completion Rate

  • Segment completion rates by factors like customer size, industry, or plan type for deeper analysis.
  • Analyze reasons for plan non-completion to understand where customers face challenges.
  • Track completion rate alongside other metrics like customer satisfaction, churn rate, and net promoter score (NPS) for a holistic view.
  • Utilize automation tools to track progress and send reminders for plan completion.

How To Optimize Customer Success Plan Completion Rate?

1. Ensure Plans Are SMART

Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals within the plans.

2. Collaborate With Customers

Involve customers in plan creation to ensure alignment with their needs and goals.

3. Communicate Clearly

Define milestones, deadlines, and expectations clearly for each action within the plan.

4. Provide Regular Progress Updates And Support

Track progress, offer guidance, and address roadblocks proactively.

5. Incentivize Plan Completion

Implement rewards or recognition for customers who complete their plans.

Please Note: A high customer success plan completion rate signifies effective collaboration and guidance towards value realization. By focusing on clear goals, ongoing engagement, and data-driven analysis, you can empower your customers to achieve success and unlock the full potential of your offerings.

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